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Overview of the European border withdrawal periods.

In recent weeks, European countries have worked hard to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Governments have imposed many necessary measures. Setting up border patrols and closing the borders has a direct impact on the flow of goods and therefore on products that are crucial to keep our society running.

The situation varies from country to country and changes daily. Queues, traffic jams, quarantine areas... lead to longer lead times and reduced capacity. As an international logistics service provider, we closely monitor the situation in Europe. We have access to real-time information 24 hours a day. This enables us to react quickly and provide new solutions to get our goods on site. We use our European multimodal network via road, rail and water.

Would you like specific information about the impact of these measures? Then please contact your trusted contact person at H.Essers.

Below we would like to give you an overview of the nuisance at border crossings in Europe: