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On seeing the tagline ‘Warehousing.Transport.Systems’, you might have wondered whether H.Essers was a supplier of IT systems. Although we don’t provide IT systems as such to our customers, we do consider systems to be at the core of our business. IT systems and business processes are more inextricably linked than ever, and we firmly believe that excelling in both is essential to support our people, so that they can provide an even better service to our customers. In a world that is rapidly digitizing, and in which entire organisations and sectors are being disrupted, companies want to work with partners who feel at home in the digital world and who make it possible to use technology in their operations.

Our Systems department employs more than 80 enthusiastic digital specialists: from project managers and business analysts to Java developers, network architects, systems engineers and support specialists. Together they form a unique combination of logistical know-how and technical expertise – the perfect recipe for our in-house developed systems for managing transport and storage: the Transport Management System (TMS) and the Warehouse Management System (WMS). Working closely with the operations department, we can monitor developments in the market segment, identify innovation opportunities, and develop new services. By managing our own infrastructure and data centres, we maintain control over the whole process and can guarantee a very high level of quality.

Our advanced transport management system is used for the entire management of H.Essers Transport: from fleet to planning, from tracking freight to monitoring temperature and cross-dock activities. As a leading logistics service provider, we can coordinate all your transport needs via our Control Tower application. Thanks to the integrated management system for multimodal transport, we can offer our customers new alternatives. Our TMS system is GDP-validated for pharmaceutical shipments and our specially developed high security applications and Control Tower offer a highly advanced surveillance system for your valuable goods.

Using the H.Essers WMS, we are able to optimise and expand our warehouse processes while still guaranteeing an excellent quality service through the use of scanners and voice-picking in our trusted processes. The WMS system offers comprehensive, innovative and powerful functionality, and is designed to be easily integrated into your ERP. There are currently more than 80 active implementations, many of which are fully linked to our customers through interfacing. The GDP validation also makes the system perfect for storing pharmaceutical products. When larger or more complex projects require specific, customised applications or integrations, then our business analysts work closely with our customers to develop a solution, which is then recorded in a blueprint that serves as the basis for the next project. As our WMS system was developed in-house, we have the necessary specialists and expertise, and are able to really engage with our clients during the process.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our Systems Department, please contact us via and we will be happy to help.

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