‘There’s no shortage of delicious treats at our site in Kampenhout.’

‘There’s no shortage of delicious treats at our site in Kampenhout.’

The coronavirus measures have had a huge impact on us all, and the Easter Bunny is no exception. Fortunately, the specialised Chocolate Logistics Department at H.Essers can once again give him a much-needed helping hand. ‘We’re sparing no expense to get all goodies packaged and delivered on time,’ explains Operations Manager Ronny Heremans. ‘We do the same in the run-up to other holidays as well, such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Ramadan, and of course Valentine’s Day. As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of delicious treats at our site in Kampenhout.’

Ronny Heremans has worked for our company for 25 years, first as an entry-level employee and now as an operations manager. ‘Our site has been involved in chocolate logistics for 22 years now. During this time, I’ve seen our activities grow and evolve. At first, we offered our clients – major Belgian chocolatiers – standard logistics solutions for picking, packaging, and global shipping. In 2010 we decided to take things a step further and offer clients a one-stop shop solution for their chocolate confections. Managing inventory and packing and labelling chocolate and Easter boxes now happens in Kampenhout, in close collaboration with social enterprise Entiris. Some 320 Entiris employees work at two sites in peak periods and 140 in off-peak periods. The H.Essers team has twenty people. We need each and every one of them to process the twelve million packages we receive every year, which we ship to more than a hundred countries worldwide.’

Tracing pralines in just a few clicks

The biggest advantage for clients? ‘That’s actually threefold: we guarantee transparency, flexibility, and quality. Transparency thanks to a fully integrated warehouse management system that allows us to trace each chocolate or Easter egg should problems arise. This system also controls the labelling and gives us considerable flexibility. The labels are custom-made for the destination country and applied at the end of the process. A box for Saudi Arabia needs a different label than a box for India. Thanks to the late differentiation, chocolatiers can respond more quickly to the demand in different countries. After shipment, all transports are checked and monitored from our control tower. We also provide all necessary (export) documentation for these transports.’ What about quality? ‘Everything is done according to stringent food safety requirements, for which we have BRC and IFS certification, among others. We also work in close collaboration with chocolatiers and social enterprises to find new ways to make the entire process even more efficient.

This approach not only gives our clients the necessary peace of mind, it also allows you to enjoy the tastiest treats with confidence. And the Easter Bunny? He can sleep soundly knowing that all of his chocolate eggs will get to where they need to be.’