“The Brexit is going for the exit and we are fully prepared.”

“The Brexit is going for the exit and we are fully prepared.”

The Brexit negotiations seem to have entered the final phase. And while it is not yet certain how the UK will leave the European Union – hard or soft – it seems very unlikely that the Brexit will not go through. But whatever is coming, as an international logistics service provider, we do not want to play the waiting game. That’s why we put together a team of problem-solvers last year to consider every possible scenario. Dimitri Verhemeldonck, Solution Design Engineer, is part of the team that is preparing our company and, more importantly, our customers for Brexit.

It now seems that we are heading for a hard Brexit. “This was exactly the worst case scenario we envisioned when we set up a Brexit working group within our company last year,” says Dimitri. “Because one thing’s for sure: the economic consequences for both the UK and the surrounding countries will be extensive.”

What if?
“For example, if it comes to a hard Brexit, all other EU countries will have to negotiate new trade agreements with the UK. In anticipation of this new agreement, economies will fall back on the current standard rates in terms of import duties and customs controls. Imports and exports will be slower anyway, because inspections will take place and customs declarations will be demanded once again. Within our working group, which includes legal, transport, but also customs specialists, we have been looking for solutions that can lead both our company and our customers through the post-Brexit era in the best possible way.”

The biggest impact is undoubtedly the introduction of customs formalities, which will result in long waiting times at the borders. “That is why we made a schematic analysis per country (France, the Netherlands and Belgium) of which step-by-step plan to follow in order to obtain an operational overview of the new state of affairs. This will enable us to keep the flow going. In addition, our planners have been prepared to accurately and correctly handle the customs declarations, both for import and export.”

Getting ready

Of course, we are keeping a close eye on the latest Brexit developments, but no matter how it will turn out, we are ready to make the switch. After all, this is extremely important for our customers. Just think of our pharmaceutical customers who are exporting medicines with a limited shelf life. And yet, we can’t do it alone. Many companies could prepare themselves by taking the necessary steps internally. “I sometimes have the impression that a lot of companies are waiting to see what will happen, although it is now becoming clear that this Brexit will definitely take place. For example, they could start checking which customs information is required for their products. Because forewarned is forearmed!”

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