State Secretary Melchior Wathelet opens first private vehicle inspection station.

State Secretary Melchior Wathelet opens first private vehicle inspection station.

H Essers saves 43 tons of CO2 per year thanks to own vehicle inspection station.

A few weeks ago H.Essers got the official approval from Secretary of State for Environment, Energy and Mobility, Mr. Melchior Wathelet for the exploitation of its own in-house vehicle inspection station.

With this permission, we are the first company in Belgium that offers in-house testing for all vehicles (trucks and buses) above 3.5 ton from both the own fleet as of external clients. With the license, these tests can performed: ADR, annual inspections and a renewal verification, first-use of vehicles –1st approval in request.

The tests are carried out by trained and specialized staff of the NV Car safety (nv Autoveiligheid).

For companies from the region surrounding, this new service means a huge time and money saving because there is less distance to bridge. Alternative inspection stations are to be found in Alken, Heers, As en Hechtel-Eksel.

Internally for the company, this approval means a profit of 2 hours per inspection and a saving of 52080 km per year for the entire Belgian fleet, good for a reduced CO2 emissions by 43 tons per year.

With this official authorization to obtain internal tests in Lommel, H.Essers expands its services to its counterparts steadily. Both in Lommel as in the headquarters of Genk, we offer access to a gas station, a specialized truck-car wash and an in-house garage with well-trained staff.

In Tessenderlo, with the Tessenderlo Cleaning Center, we offer bulk industry colleagues a specialized and modern washing system for the cleaning of tanks. The station is equipped with two professional cleaning streets and a water purification station. After internal cleaning the customer gets a ECD (European Cleaning Document) that guarantees that the tanker was cleaned according to the most stringent quality standards. Also in Tessenderlo we offer an external automatic truck wash.