PPG makes the switch to H.Essers: “H.Essers’ professionalism was decisive in our selection process”

PPG makes the switch to H.Essers: “H.Essers’ professionalism was decisive in our selection process”

Last year, global supplier of paints and coatings PPG entrusted our company with the warehousing of its Protective and Marine Coatings in Europe. This US manufacturer with branches all over the world, including a Belgian site in Deurne, was looking for a new logistics service provider to optimally serve its supply chain. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the chemical segment, we were able to develop a solution specifically tailored to PPG’s supply chain. What was the customer’s experience? And how did we approach this?

PPG, headquartered in Pittsburgh in the United States, was founded in 1883 and initially produced plate glass. Through the years, the company has evolved into a global market leader in coating substances, optical products and paints. PPG mainly produces decorative paints, paints for the automotive industry, but also special paints, such as fire-resistant paints, tank coatings, and marine coating products (PMCs). “The production of innovative paint solutions gradually increased our company’s visibility over the years,” says Frederik Welvaert, Plant Manager Deurne for PPG. “PPG currently employs no less than 47,000 employees spread over 156 production sites.”

Accuracy is a priority

The PPG site in Deurne, like the Ostrow site in Poland, produces the so-called Protective and Marine Coatings (PMC). These high-quality products are distributed all over the world. Frederik Welvaert: “Our customers often work on large projects and have to stick to a tight schedule. One of our logistic challenges is to deliver the paint exactly at the agreed time. And that’s not easy, because sometimes we get orders from the other side of the world. So speed and accuracy are our top priorities.” And because PPG is constantly looking for ways to improve its operations, the company called in our experts to help find a solution.

The H.Essers team, including Maarten Goossens, Global Industry Lead Chemicals, translated the experience and broad possibilities of our chemical segment into a custom solution. “Multinationals aiming to serve their customers highly efficiently, invariably face significant challenges in their supply chain,” he says. “And yet, every case is different. Based on PPG’s objective, we have developed a solution that meets all of PPG’s needs. For example, in addition to warehousing, a department was set up to add colour to paint, the so-called ‘tinting’. With this one-stop-shop approach we take optimal care of our customers.” The choice for H.Essers wasn’t hard to make. “H.Essers is a dedicated family business that offers unique opportunities in the field of transport and warehousing,” Frederik Welvaert explains. “And we were impressed with their professionalism, project approach and charisma. All of that turned out to be decisive in our selection process.”









Cees Rijnsburger, Operations Director PMC EMEA, finds H.Essers’ operating methods a real addition to the services provided by PPG as well, also in their daily operations. “This makes it very pleasant for us to work together on a daily basis. The project leader, project team and operational managers at H.Essers always adopt a proactive and structured attitude. They actively work with us to anticipate certain challenges that may arise, and tackle them before they even present themselves. H.Essers’ approach is perfectly in line with the motto from our recent campaign: We do better today than yesterday – everyday. We share the same drive for improvement.” Maarten Goossens is pleased with the mutual trust, which plays an important role in the creation of this partnership. “It’s a big step to hire a new service provider and entrust them with your supply chain. Such an operational transition requires close cooperation. That’s why we are joining forces and exploring how to further optimise the PPG processes and continuously challenge and perfect our existing supply chain solution.”

Do you want to find out more about the custom solutions H.Essers can offer in the chemical segment? Maarten Goossens will gladly explain it to you: maarten.goossens@essers.com