Our environmental consultants on the spot: “Our proactive approach makes a real difference”

Our environmental consultants on the spot: “Our proactive approach makes a real difference”

Our company has clear sustainable ambitions. No vague plans for a distant future, but concrete objectives for a sustainable today and tomorrow. For our company, but also for our society. Fortunately, we can rely on a highly skilled team. Specifically on the ecological front, environmental consultants Kimberly Cleuren and Koen Peijs keep their finger on the pulse. A challenging and interesting job, that’s something they absolutely agree on.

At H.Essers, we constantly strive to improve ourselves. This is no different when it comes to environmental issues. Consultants Kimberly and Koen help shape our environmental and sustainability goals, while also seamlessly aligning our activities with existing laws and regulations. They work at the headquarters in Genk, but cover all the different sites and, whenever necessary, in close synergy with local experts. “Of course we always comply with the applicable legislation,” says Koen Peijs. “But it is largely our proactive approach that makes the difference. By anticipating on new or amended legislation, we are able to consolidate our pioneering role within the sector. A good example is the containment system in our newly built warehouses.”

“This proactive approach can only be maintained if we constantly acquire new knowledge,” Kimberly adds. “We do this through training, while also investing a lot in external cooperation by participating in working groups, consultation with inspection bodies and exchange of know-how with knowledge and educational institutions, which also broadens our expertise. Afterwards, we translate this information into practical plans for H.Essers and, if necessary, organise training on innovations. One example is the entry into force of the CLP classification for hazardous goods.”

From the first step
Whether it’s the Port of Limburg – where we are building our own tank terminal, hazardous cargo warehouse and filling installation – or the expansion of our warehouse on the Kluizendok site in Ghent or the development of new warehouses in Genk: our company’s environmental consultants are always involved from the very first step. “We consider the different environmental and sustainability aspects of every project from the very beginning and hold frequent consultations with the operational team,” says Koen. “In this way, our recommendations can be taken into account in the further design. It is a real added value to be able to contribute our thoughts from that crucial stage onwards.” “Of course, our work doesn’t end there,” adds Kimberly. “Once a site is up and running, we continue to monitor it periodically. And make adjustments where necessary.”

Advice for all
A new product that needs to be handled or stored? Kimberly and Koen are happy to advise their colleagues in accordance with the applicable environmental permit. “We analyse around 6,000 new products every year,” says Kimberly. “You see, it is never boring at our department (laughs).” “And that’s how we like it,” concludes Koen.

Do you have any questions about our environmental approach or would you like more information about our services? Koen Peijs will be pleased to help you: koen.peijs@essers.com.