One for the road: our heroes are up for the H.Essers Cup

One for the road: our heroes are up for the H.Essers Cup

In addition to the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games, there is now… the H.Essers Cup. Employees will compete with each other individually to achieve their best sports performance in a container fitted with gym equipment. There’s no better match for our company than a combination of containers and sports and it is also perfectly in line with our Fit2Grow health platform, which was set up to boost the mental and physical well-being of our employees.

Sport, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the spearheads of our Fit2Grow programme. For several years now, we have been encouraging employees throughout the company to work on a healthy body. After all, being healthy also makes you feel good about yourself. After a number of successful sports events, such as the Port of Antwerp Triathlon, it is now time for a new challenge. And this one is going to happen … in a real H.Essers container.

All sites, one challenge

In the coming months, our unique, fully equipped H.Essers Cup truck will visit all our national and international sites. Participants can register online for a time slot and will get one hour to give it their all. The competition equipment includes an exercise bike (3 km), rowing machine (1 km), treadmill (1.5 km), pull-up bar (highest number) and bench press (highest weight). All of this, of course, under the guidance and supervision of a colleague. Online, others can watch and keep score of the best performers via our Fit2Grow platform. The participant with the highest overall score wins the H.Essers Cup trophy. And in the meantime we will obviously support our heroes with all our hearts!

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