New investments in state-of-the-art fleet equipment

New investments in state-of-the-art fleet equipment

To offer our customers optimum service and to provide our employees with every convenience, we are constantly investing in state-of-the-art fleet equipment. This means our fleet has expanded considerably in recent months.

For example, we have acquired 44 new cooling trailers, each of which has two temperature-controlled zones and can therefore store multiple types of goods for diverse industries. In addition to temperature conditioning, the trailers are also secured and in continuous communication with the H.Essers control tower.

We also recently invested in 50 new ISO tanks, which are specially equipped for transporting liquid chemicals. With this investment, we currently own 880 liquid containers, 73 food containers and 45 powder containers. “All these investments give our company a head start and allow us to serve our customers even more flexibly,” says Dirk Franssens, Fleet Manager at H.Essers.

LNG trucks

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a priority for our company. Which is why we are constantly looking for environmentally friendly transport modes, by water and rail as well as by road. For example, we recently invested in 5 LNG trucks. LNG is a promising fuel that is cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable than diesel, and drastically reduces emissions of particulates on the road. Fuel consumption is a whopping 15% lower. “LNG was difficult to obtain for a long time, but availability is now increasing,” Dirk Franssens explains. “And we are very happy to take advantage of this!”

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