More than just a logistics partner

More than just a logistics partner


For a number of years, we have enjoyed a logistics partnership with Studio 100.
Recently, we also became event partner in the latest Studio 100 production, the musical spectacle ‘14-18’.

In addition to providing logistical support in the form of transportation – H.Essers transported all the components for this event to Mechelen, with standard trailers and by means of exceptional transport for the longest and heaviest items – and promotion through advertising on our lorries, we are also able to let our clients and employees enjoy this most original Flemish musical ever.

Unique spectacle

Studio 100, together with the artistic team responsible for the realisation of ‘Daens’ in 2008, has created a unique musical spectacle centring on the First World War.
This new production, described as the most original Flemish musical ever, has pulled out all the stops to ensure the audience is drawn into the story. This includes the use of a moving auditorium on which the audience is able to witness the cinematic décor from up close and experience the story in an extremely intense way.
‘14-18’ is an unadulterated story of love, loss, family and friendship. In short, an event not to be missed!