Limburg as logistics hub

Limburg as logistics hub

In addition to our strong international orientation, we are continuing to strengthen our presence in Limburg.
When Ford Genk closes down at the beginning of 2015, we will be the largest private employer in Limburg.
This regional anchoring is a deliberate choice. It means that various local and regional companies will also be able to benefit from our growth.

Moreover, we also aim to develop Genk, Winterslag, Tessenderlo and Lommel as European logistics hubs for the strategic markets. This anchoring is closely connected to the further development of Limburg as a European top region for logistics advocated in the SALK plan (the strategic action plan for Limburg).

Lommel as logistics hub

In the light of this development, we have increased our storage capacity in Lommel with a new 8,000 m² warehouse, bringing our total warehouse capacity here to 40,000 m².

Recently, we completed the start-up of our new client here, the candle manufacturer Spaas. With a total of 13,000 pallets in stock, they are now our largest logistics client in Lommel.
Spaas is a family business from Hamont and has grown from being a local candle manufacturer to become the market leader in Belgium and one of the foremost players on the European stage.
In addition to the storage, picking and shipment of candles, we are also responsible for the complete transportation (from factory to warehouse) and distribution (from warehouse to customer) of the candles, both nationally and internationally. This new activity created employment for an additional 25 employees.

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