Ivo Marechal resigns as CEO at H.Essers

Ivo Marechal resigns as CEO at H.Essers

Genk 14 December 2012 – H.Essers’ Board of Directors today notified that CEO Ivo Marechal announced he will leave the company in the spring of 2013. The search for a successor has already started. Until that time Marechal will stay at the helm of the company. The company’s employees, customers and suppliers were notified today of the CEO’s decision.

The basis of this decision is Ivo Marechal’s desire, after 12 years at H.Essers , to fulfil his personal ambitions for the future differently. H.Essers’ Board of Directors and CEO Ivo Marechal will guarantee the continuity of the company over the coming months. Ivo Marechal will continue to have an active role in the future by providing advice to the company at meetings of the Boards of Directors and with regard to possible acquisitions.

The family and H.Essers’ Board of Directors regret the CEO’s departure, but want to thank Ivo for his major contributions over the past 12 years in further professionalizing the company, which is on a very expansive growth path in the transport and logistics sector. In the future, the company will continue to sustainably strengthen its leading role in the sector.

H.Essers’ current foundations are very solid and stable and the company is on track to achieving its long-term objectives. Over the last 5 years, H.Essers generated an average increase in turnover of 15% across all company sectors and in 2013 an investment in excess of € 50 million is planned.

Resigning CEO Ivo Marechal wants to thank the family, management, employees and customers of the company for the excellent co-operation over the past years which contributed to the growth of H.Essers, both nationally and internationally. He considers his job at H.Essers as done today.

The challenge for the new CEO will be to continue on this excellently plotted course and sustain the company’s profitable growth.