How H.Essers takes responsibility for the safety of customers, employees and the environment.

How H.Essers takes responsibility for the safety of customers, employees and the environment.

This week is Fire Prevention Week. We would like to take this opportunity to draw attention to the importance of fire prevention and a safe working environment. At H.Essers, fire prevention is a true top priority. We apply this to all our sites, but especially to the places where hazardous goods are stored. Steven Donné, Facility & Project Manager, explains how we leave nothing to chance and continue to make new investments, e.g. in a smart foam extinguishing system which guarantees the safest possible storage environment for our chemicals and pharma customers. 

Fire safety has always been crucial to our business. In recent years, new technological developments have enabled us to be much more efficient in this area. “The systems have become more powerful and effective,” Steven explains, “and we think it’s important to evolve with the market. We closely follow the developments in this area and integrate them, whenever necessary and possible, at our own sites.” A nice example are the high expansion foam systems which are currently installed in our warehouses. Steven: “High expansion foam is an airy substance that can be generated very quickly. A warehouse with a surface area of 1,500 square metres and a height of 10 metres can be filled with foam within just 5 minutes. Especially for the protection of highly flammable goods this speed is obviously very important. In addition, high expansion foam causes much less water damage than running water.”

Safety and sustainability first

A system like that doesn’t appear overnight. “On the one hand, it is quite complex to install and requires a heavy investment,” says Steven, “but on the other hand, it is one of the best systems on the market in terms of reliability and efficiency. And the safety of our staff comes first.” At the sites where it is installed, the staff is also trained accordingly. “It is important that our people are not just aware of the hazards of highly flammable goods, but also know what to do if the foam extinguishing system were to be activated. Therefore, we have optimised the existing evacuation possibilities.”


Another aim of the high expansion foam installations, besides the safety of personnel, is protecting the environment and all parties involved. “The Sustainable Development Goals that we have been focusing on in recent years, are also reflected in our fire prevention policy. With high expansion foam we are reducing risks, so that if a fire should occur, we protect the environment, offer the industry a unique solution and maximise customer care.”

Keeping up with the market

H.Essers has installed the high expansion foam system at several sites now. “About ten years ago it was completely new and we were one of the first players to invest in it,” Steven says. “It shows that we are constantly looking ahead and looking for the best of the best.” Are there any prospects of a next, even better system? “I’m sure there will be one day, because there’s already talk of developing an extinguishing system that uses gas. But that’s all in the future. Right now, we are extremely happy with the high expansion foam and the guarantee it offers for the storage of our chemical and pharmaceutical products in accordance with all safety standards. After all, sustainable entrepreneurship is safe entrepreneurship, and vice versa!”

Would you like to know more about the H.Essers fire prevention policy or the advanced systems we use? Or are you interested in the safe warehousing offered by H.Essers? Steven Donné ( is at your service for more information.