Health programme Fit2Grow encourages employees to adopt an active lifestyle

Health programme Fit2Grow encourages employees to adopt an active lifestyle

Our company’s growth is in part facilitated by the efforts and dedication of our employees. We therefore put a premium on their well-being and development. This is why we launched Fit2Grow this year. It is a unique and large-scale health programme that encourages the more than 6,000 H.Essers employees to eat healthier and be more active. Athletic or not too athletic, Fit2Grow hands everyone the tools to work on their health successfully and at their own pace.

Research has shown that as much as 70.3% of employees in the logistics sector is overweight. H.Essers accepts the challenge to prove the opposite and to support our healthy company with fit employees. Hilde Essers, Chairman of the Board: “We want to continue to grow as a company, but at the same time we also want to look after our employees’ personal growth. Fit2Grow brings both ambitions together under the motto of business meets health. After all, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind!”

Enthusiastically accepting the challenge

Key in the health programme is the online Fit2Grow platform, which allows employees to meticulously monitor their progress and scan their health. They can also sign up for the monthly challenges around healthy food and exercise.
For the intrepid few, the ultimate challenge is The Port of Antwerp Triathlon on June 23. Participating colleagues are supported by nutrition and exercise specialists and work towards a healthier lifestyle step by step.

Last month, more than 250 employees took part in Tournée Minérale and hundreds more signed up for the Step Elimination Challenge, increasing the number of steps to be taken daily to 12,500. Receptionist, warehouse worker, CEO or driver, with Fit2Grow everyone stands side by side to achieve a healthier future together. “It creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm, friendly competition and renewed energy,” adds Hilde Essers. “And not only do our employees benefit from this, our customers do so as well.”

Want to know how fit you are?
Win one of the three condition tests, taken under the supervision of the Energy Lab coaches.
More info regarding test and location: Running / Cycling