H.Essers team speaks on vaccine logistics at the Pharma Logistics Masterclass

H.Essers team speaks on vaccine logistics at the Pharma Logistics Masterclass

From 7 to 11 September, the University of Antwerp (UA) and Pharma Aero, a cooperation platform on pharmaceutical logistics, joined forces for the first edition of Pharma Logistics Masterclass. The people representing our team included Senior Sales Manager Pharma Jef Molenaers and Linde Van Vlasselaer, Global Industry Lead Pharma.

With one of the largest ports in Europe, it should come as no surprise that the city of Antwerp is strongly focused on logistics, both in academic and professional terms. The University of Antwerp, for example, offers a course on maritime and logistics management. And it recently joined forces with Pharma Aero for the first edition of Pharma Logistics Masterclass. The aim was to bring together people with an academic background and professionals from the pharmaceutical scene to talk about the challenges of pharmaceutical logistics and pharma supply chains. From 7 to 11 September, the event offered a variety of presentations, debates, practical workshops and (virtual) company tours. In view of the international nature of the Masterclass, it was in fact a hybrid event, which allowed participants worldwide to follow the programme online. The participants were very diverse, from pharmaceutical companies and logistics service providers, such as H.Essers, to packaging specialists.

Holistic perspective

On Saturday 11 September, Jef Molenaers’ lecture attracted quite some attention. “I specifically elaborated on the approach that we developed for the temperature-controlled distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, which are also produced in our country. It was interesting to see how the theoretical approach developed by a university in Brussels was so different from our practical approach, although the results of both were quite similar. The Masterclass was also interesting in that respect: it aims to bring people from the academic field and various professionals from the pharmaceutical scene together to approach certain challenges from a holistic point of view. And after all this time, it was also nice to see colleagues again and discuss how they have experienced the past year and a half.”

Roundtable discussion

Our company also hosted a lunch seminar during this multi-day event. Linde Van Vlasselaer: “During this roundtable discussion with stakeholders from the academic world, the airport community and producers from the industry, we talked about sustainability and the associated challenges for the sector. We also brought several themes to the table. For example, is the market willing to pay more for green energy? And can it move away from air transport in the context of sustainable solutions, even if this has an impact on lead times?

We also talked about rail links as a green alternative to road and air transport. It was nice to see that the industry is ready to make a green shift. And at H.Essers, we are definitely ready to help them do just that.”