H.Essers team moves into new, future-proof headquarters: “A truly inspiring workplace”

H.Essers team moves into new, future-proof headquarters: “A truly inspiring workplace”

Anyone who has driven past the site of our new headquarters in Genk over the past two years could see the building slowly taking shape. This summer it finally happened: 135 employees relocated to the brand new building. With its clever, contemporary design and sustainable solutions, the building not only aligns perfectly with our sustainability strategy, it also offers an inspirational work environment for our employees.

As you pass Genk-Noord on the motorway, the new H.Essers building dazzles in the distance. The façades of this high-rise office building are a striking carbon black, topped with the familiar corporate logo in bright red. “It’s quite the landmark,” says CPO Salvatore Napolitano. “The 30-metre-tall office building was based on a design by Iglesias Leenders Bylois Architects and spans an impressive 4,200 m2 across six floors. The new building is designed with an eye to further growth. We currently have room for 135 employees. But we can easily expand to 185 without any further construction works.” An important aspect of the design brief was to create a building that reflected the identity of H.Essers and the surrounding region. “The black façades and high windows are a subtle nod to the mining past,” says Salvatore. “Inside, the concrete columns and polished concrete floors symbolise the robust nature of the transport industry.”


The new office and its accompanying car park tower were erected on the site of the former car park. “We opted for a sustainable building and a sustainable approach,” Salvatore adds. “The parking tower makes optimum use of the available surface area, with bicycle parking, green façades and a green roof. We even installed beehives on the roof for even more natural diversity.”

 The sustainable solutions do not stop outside. Electricity is generated by our very own wind turbines and heat pumps ensure the optimum distribution of energy throughout the building. “Cooling and ventilation was a top priority for us, as we wanted to create a pleasant and healthy work environment for our employees,” explains Salvatore. “Innovative sun screens and solar-control glass keep the building cool, while our state-of-the-art ventilation system refreshes the indoor air every minute.”

Quiet warmth

The building was designed with the well-being of both employees and visitors in mind. The ground floor has an auditorium that can accommodate 75 people and the top floor features a multifunctional reception room with a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding area. Here, visitors and employees can enjoy lunch at the temporary pop-up restaurant De Slagmolen. The success of the design is evident in the reactions of our employees. Corporate Marcom Officer Griet Bleukx sees the incredible added value of the new headquarters. “The layout, the design, the use of materials: everything exudes a kind of quiet warmth that speaks to both employees and visitors alike. The windows offer incredible views of the surrounding site and of our red trucks, which are constantly on the move. All of this makes for a truly inspiring workplace.”

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