H.Essers scales up synchromodal liquid chemical transports with acquisition of Tank Management

H.Essers scales up synchromodal liquid chemical transports with acquisition of Tank Management

Two years ago H.Essers took over tank container specialist Huktra, and this year we opted for a further expansion of our multimodal liquid bulk transport with the strategic acquisition of family business Tank Management. In terms of geographical coverage, the companies are a perfect match and the service portfolios are also seamlessly interlinked. Lodewijk De Meulemeester, Integration & Transformation Manager, explains the additional benefits of the acquisition.

Norwegian-French Tank Management was founded by the Nordbo family in Oslo in 2006 and later strengthened by the accession of the Phillipe family. Tank Management specialises in temperature-controlled transports of liquid bulk for both the food and chemical sectors. “The acquisition, which was completed last summer, resulted in further growth for Tank Management and meant a strategic expansion for H.Essers. From then on, we were able to offer increasingly specific solutions to customers in the food, pharmaceutical and hazardous goods industry with a one-stop-shop service,” says Lodewijk De Meulemeester. “The management and its 35 employees remain on board. The aim is to integrate the expertise of both Huktra and Tank Management into a new business unit, Liquid Bulk, within the H.Essers group. So it’s not just a tactical, but definitely also a tactful, acquisition: we are fully focused on the symbiosis between our teams towards optimal customer service.”

Innovative acquisition

This consolidation also brings with it new operational opportunities. “With the integration of Tank Management’s equipment, we will be able to deploy 800 new ISO tanks capable of transporting liquids at temperatures ranging from -10°C to +130°C. In addition, those temperatures can be remotely controlled and adjusted.” After all, liquid food, pharmaceutical and chemical transports invariably have to deal with complex regulations and strict requirements. Louis: “By adding this service to our existing fleet of insulated and non-insulated tanks, we can always offer the right tank container for our customer’s product. The more we can guarantee the safety and quality of the goods, the better we can support our customers with a complete supply chain solution.” Offering customised solutions to customers has been H.Essers’ specialty for many years. Louis: “Our ambition as a company has always been to provide complete supply chain solutions: the intermodal transport of liquid bulk, but also heating, filling and packaging, storage in our state-of-the-art warehouses, and finally distribution across Europe. We can now offer these solutions to Tank Management’s customers as well.”

Synchromodal across Europe

With the acquisition of Tank Management, our company assures itself of an even larger geographical footprint for our 50,000 liquid bulk shipments. “In a number of countries we were already operating under our own branches. This was the case in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Romania,” says Lodewijk. “And because Tank Management has locations in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, we are further consolidating our activities in these countries. Moreover, our radius of action has now been extended to the extent that our tank containers operate in all corners of the continent, always by rail and water and with the first and last mile by road. This is perfectly in line with our synchromodal ambitions.”

New industry

In the future, our company will further expand its range of services and – partly through Tank Management’s fleet and locations – focus on integrated and sustainable liquid bulk logistics. “In doing so, we are building on the innovations we have in our combined fleet: advanced temperature conditioning, particularly high safety standards and the ability to monitor our containers remotely,” Lodewijk adds. “But of course, we’re not just working on the practical and material acquisitions – we’re especially looking forward to merging with Tank Management’s expert team into a new industry and to all the successes that will come from it.”

Would you like to know more about the many logistics solutions in the food and chemical sector that H.Essers can offer? Lodewijk De Meulemeester (lodewijk.demeulemeester@essers.com) will be happy to provide more information about warehousing and liquid bulk transport and can give expert advice on customised solutions.