H.Essers moves up the rankings with improved Ecovadis sustainability score

H.Essers moves up the rankings with improved Ecovadis sustainability score

As a logistics player, H.Essers wants to take a leading role in sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship. Our efforts are clearly paying off, as we were rewarded with a bronze Ecovadis medal. Ecovadis is the global reference in terms of corporate social responsibility. It evaluates companies annually in the areas of environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. H.Essers’ score increased by no less than ten points. And we’re not there yet. Our ambition is to do better and better. Time for a chat with Yannick Dylst, Project Manager Sustainability.

The ambition to achieve a silver Ecovadis medal is even an explicit commitment set out in the H.Essers sustainability objectives. Yannick Dylst: “We have broken down this strategy into five main lines and nineteen concrete ambitions. One of them is to achieve and maintain the silver Ecovadis medal. To this end, we have to complete an extensive survey every year and provide supporting documents. So, we are very proud that our efforts resulted in bronze this year. That’s not the goal of the challenge, though. We have now set our sights on silver in order to stay committed and keep improving, because the Ecovadis criteria become stricter every year.”

The growing importance of the Ecovadis score

The Ecovadis rating allows companies to choose sustainable partners for their entire supply chain and thus promotes a socially responsible economy. “We have noticed that more and more customers ask about our Ecovadis score and our sustainability efforts. We are also working internally on a code of conduct for our partners and suppliers, which will describe what we expect from them. A tool like the Ecovadis score is more than just an incentive for ourselves, as a company, to do business more sustainably. Companies will also consider the market as a whole. By asking their suppliers critical questions, the value chain will become more sustainable more quickly. And today, public opinion also expects organisations to put sustainability high on their agenda. An Ecovadis medal is an objective and independent quality label that shows the outside world that you are doing business in a socially responsible way.”

Sustainable strategy

“In fact, we don’t want to go for a sustainability strategy. What counts is a sustainable strategy. Because sustainability plays a role in every part of our policies and strategic choices. The whole organisation is involved. I may have recently joined H.Essers as Project Manager Sustainability, but everyone is aware of the importance of sustainable business. That is the only way we can make a difference,” Yannick Dylst concludes.

With H.Essers, you are choosing a partner that guarantees an increasingly sustainable logistics chain. Want to know more about our sustainable strategy? Visit sustainability.essers.com or contact Yannick Dylst at yannick.dylst@essers.com.