H.Essers further expands infralogistics into one-stop-shop provider

H.Essers further expands infralogistics into one-stop-shop provider

We regularly appear in the media with our solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. However, in recent years we have also strongly expanded our Infra segment, which specialises in infrastructure logistics. Now, with the acquisition of Gebroeders Hoefnagels Transport in 2019, we have succeeded in becoming the Benelux market leader.

With the Infra business unit, H.Essers takes on logistics projects in three sub-segments: infrastructure, which focuses on prefabricated elements and building materials, rent & event, to provide events with the necessary materials, and utilities, in which we supply materials to, for example, construction sites of utility companies. “A very broad segment,” says Eric Epding, Infra’s Business Unit Manager. “From a load of building materials to a concrete wall to event tents or a silo up to 30 metres long: this segment requires great flexibility and customer orientation. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to offer our clients the requested customisation. In fact, the demand for custom solutions is on the rise, partly due to the increasing use of prefabricated elements.”

Drastic growth

The acquisition of Gebroeders Hoefnagels Transport, a Dutch family business, offers our company many additional opportunities. “It will geographically expand our services towards the Netherlands and Germany. Gebroeders Hoefnagels specialises in supplying prefabricated elements for the modular construction industry and has a large number of inloaders for this purpose. This allows us to load our vehicles up to four metres high, without falling into the ‘exceptional transport’ category. This offers great opportunities to realise our ambition to become a one-stop-shop provider.” The strategic location of Hoefnagels also makes concrete transport more efficient, as the production of concrete precast elements is very high in this region of the Netherlands.

Creating synergy

We expect these opportunities to translate into attractive growth figures. “How are we going to do that? Through well-considered strategic choices that focus on multimodal solutions such as waterborne transport and smart deliveries in centre cities. But also with an even stronger service and smart synergies. Synergy is indeed the key: we join forces on a daily basis, not only between ourselves and the customer, or between the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in management, the team and our fleet.”

Are you interested in the solutions offered by H.Essers in the field of infralogistics and would you like to know more about this? Eric Epding would be happy to help: eric.epding@essers.com