H.Essers expands long-standing partnership with Dow with investment in 2 new filling lines

H.Essers expands long-standing partnership with Dow with investment in 2 new filling lines

Reducing the complexity of our customer’s supply chain, that’s how H.Essers likes to make the difference. And one glance at our site in Antwerp is enough to see that solution-focused thinking results in exactly those integrated services which are key to achieving this added value. At this location, we built a new tailor-made filling system for our customer Dow to improve its coatings and monomers supply chain.

“We’ve been partners with Dow for 32 years”, says Maarten Goossens, Global Industry Lead Chemicals at Essers. “This involves all kinds of logistical activities, including transport, warehousing, filling & drumming, etc. In short, a very intensive collaboration. Dow has experienced strong growth, especially so in recent years. And with that growth came extra requirements, which are challenging with chemical players. But over the years, H.Essers has increased its focus on integrated supply chain solutions too. Thanks to the expertise we gained with our Solutions Engineering department, nowadays we can smoothly handle the technical complexities that come with a project such as this.”

Two new filling lines

Specifically, we will be launching two new filling lines at our site in Antwerp for the filling of both drums and IBCs. “Not an easy job, but in recent years our technical engineers have increased their expertise to develop such complex technical installations in cooperation with the customer, and to subsequently implement them successfully in close cooperation with the right technical partners. In addition, a new heating system was installed and put into use. Our existing steam installation is not suitable for heating the monomers that we fill for Dow. Which is why we invested in an additional heating station that works with hot water and is suitable for the task.”

From a to z

What is the exact supply chain for such products? After all, filling and heating represent only a fraction of the integrated solutions that we have developed for our customers. “The coatings and monomers arrive in bulk from the European production sites and from the US. After they are filled, which is done according to the strictest GMP guidelines, we also take care of sampling, storage, labelling, and preparation for shipment, mainly to Europe but also to Russia and the Middle East. Finally, we also handle the associated customs activities for this customer. Specifically, this concerns 41 shipments per day. And yearly, no less than 35,000 tonnes that are filled and shipped. In terms of warehousing, we will store around 10,000 pallets in our warehouse.”

To guarantee the continuity of the activities for Dow, like all our other projects, nothing was left to chance in terms of safety and permits. “The partnership and collaboration between Dow and H.Essers throughout this project has been best in class,” says Jacqueline Riley, Senior Sourcing Manager Logistics Purchasing for Dow Europe. “From the start of this project, H.Essers met Dow with their expertise and robust project methodologies needed to execute this project at an extremely high level. The consolidation of this filling and handling activity to Antwerp is a perfect fit with our strategy at Dow and is a further step in our growth plans. We are in the early days of implementation and it is going very well so far.  We look forward to many more successful projects in the future.”

Interested in our services for the chemical industry? Contact our Global Industry Lead Chemicals Maarten Goossens: maarten.goossens@essers.com.