Gert Bervoets will be the new CEO of H.Essers

Gert Bervoets will be the new CEO of H.Essers

Today March 4 2013, H.Essers announced that Gert Bervoets will succeed Ivo Marechal as CEO of H.Essers. Marechal had announced his departure from the transports and logistics company mid-December 2012.

Gert Bervoets, currently General Manager Warehousing, has been working with H.Essers for 11 years now. He has built up sufficient experience to further develop the company strategy and ensure continuity within the company.

For the selection procedure of the new CEO, the company worked together with an external advisor who assisted the Board and the family in their search for a successor.

Ivo Marechal remains CEO of H.Essers till March 31st. After this date, he will remain active in the company Board. On April 1st, Gert Bervoets takes over.
Till further notice, he will also continue working as General Manager Warehousing.

And there’s more news.

From now on Hilde (Essers) will be acting as a Managing Director together with Noël Essers.
He will stay on as Chairman of the Board, but from now on Hilde will assist him in the daily management of the company and the Board.
This means that the baton is officially passed on to the third generation Essers.