From transport company to one-stop-shop for the chemical industry

From transport company to one-stop-shop for the chemical industry

For more than half a century, H.Essers has been a loyal partner to many renowned companies in the chemical industry. However, although customers initially hired our company mainly as a road haulier, over the years we have grown into a complete provider of integrated and often complex solutions for, among others, the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. “Our site in Wilrijk is a fine example of that evolution,” explains Maarten Goossens. In his role as Global Industry Lead Chemicals, he is closely involved in the site and has also closely monitored its recent investments and the construction of two new filling lines.

We made the transition in our activities from just road transport to a combination of warehousing and transport in the 1980s. But ever since we decided to focus on tailor-made solutions for the chemical industry at the end of the 1990s, we have been making a real, and successful, difference in the industry, as well as for our customers. “Just think of the integrated services we developed at our SEVESO site in Wilrijk,” says Maarten Goossens. “We systematically worked on our solutions to evolve into a fully integrated one-stop-shop for a number of suppliers and producers in the chemical sector. In recent years, we have invested in an ISO tank terminal, heating stations and filling lines in order to optimise our customers’ supply chains.”

Single point of contact

In addition, H.Essers also provides supporting activities such as mixing, sampling, labelling and taking care of customs. “This complete approach, based in one location, has numerous advantages. For example, we reduce the need for movements, which reduces complexity and increases safety. But it is also incredibly efficient and transparent for our customers, who can turn to a single partner – and therefore a single point of contact – for a significant part of their chain. And because we have such a broad overview of a large part of the customer’s supply chain, we can also continuously be proactive with our customers in optimising their process flow. How can it be done safer, at a higher quality and more economically? In everything we do, we ask ourselves this one crucial question.”


The same question is asked for the transport solutions which H.Essers develops and further expands to meet the needs of the industry. “In our search for new solutions, this has led to the integration of Huktra and Tank Management, specialists in the transport of liquid bulk, and the development of a temperature-controlled transport network for packaged chemicals. As you can see, the time of just transporting pallets is far behind us.”

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