Dry Port Genk continues its incredible growth story

Dry Port Genk continues its incredible growth story

If you know H.Essers, you know we do absolutely everything to give our customers the best service. This is the vision driving the development of the H.Essers Dry Port at the former Ford premises in Genk: an impressive megasite with an extraordinary amount of space for warehousing and value-added services, not to mention optimal access to logistics. In fact, the name Dry Port refers to the inland terminal adjoining the megacomplex developed by Port of Limburg. Meanwhile, the site is almost entirely rented out to our customers and we are already planning the next growth phases. Maarten Goossens, Global Industry Lead Chemicals, is keen to tell you more about this.


The logistics centre is also able to provide a sustainable, synchromodal transport solution. Maarten: “That is the ultimate strength of Dry Port and Genk: we have access to the space and infrastructure to respond quickly and flexibly to meet the customers’ needs, and Genk is perfectly trimodal given its access to rail, water and road. This means that H.Essers can be agile in deploying the right method of transport to send goods safely throughout Europe and even to Asia. From our train terminal in Genk we send consignments door-to-door as far as China. This is extremely attractive to our chemicals customers who, for sustainability reasons, are focused on reducing CO2 emissions, but without compromising on reliable deliveries.”


Meanwhile, our company is busy looking at new opportunities to respond to the many demands from the chemicals sector, and to improve the development of this chemicals hub even more. “Preferably in and around Genk, as that’s where our roots lie,” says Maarten. “In doing so, we continue our efforts in multimodal access and sustainable transport, not to mention valuable partnerships. For example, when realising Dry Port we worked in close collaboration with the city council and government. We are keen to continue this partnership. As a company, as a city, but also as a province and country, we should be really proud of this logistical hub.”

Employees wanted

Our company is offering lots of new opportunities for employment, which clearly shows in the fact that H.Essers is still busy looking for employees to join us for our next chapter in Dry Port Genk. We continue to work even more intensively with knowledge institutes, the temporary employment sector, governments and other stakeholders. “To do so, we invest a lot in our employer branding. H.Essers is known as a reliable employer who pays great attention to the well-being of its employees, as well as offering many opportunities to grow. And there is plenty of room to grow here.”

Another development on the former Ford premises which keeps our business even more firmly anchored in the Limburg region, is Port of Limburg. We are building this new container terminal by the Albert Canal, adjoining H.Essers Dry Port, as a joint venture with Group Machiels, and aim to create a sustainable connection between the port of Antwerp and the Limburg hinterland. “After its completion in 2023 we hope to realise around 150,000 TEU per year, reaching a full capacity of up to 353,000 TEU”, says Benjamin Hermans, Business Unit Manager at Port of Limburg. “The terminal is an investment of 50 million euros and represents a very important lever for the local and national economy. The activities at Port of Limburg are also unique as we are expanding the current services with a specific offer for pharma and chemicals. For example, with temperature-controlled containers, an isotank park for hazardous goods and a debagging installation, three barge cranes,  a cleaning installation, a recovery station for containers and several filling installations for chemical products.” Once the new site is fully operational, the Haven Genk will transfer container traffic to Port of Limburg and continue its focus on bulk and rail transport.

Are you looking for a flexible logistics solution or are you interested in the developments in Dry Port Genk? Maarten Goossens (maarten.goossens@essers.com) would be delighted to help you.