A very special Easter egg

A very special Easter egg

There is something going on within the Integrated Chocolate Platform (ICP).

After a first collaboration between ISIS (formerly known as Italo Suisse) and Caluwé Demandé in terms of transport pooling to a number of UK retailers, there is now a second collaboration.

This joint project has led to a new product which highlights both the strong assets of ISIS and Caluwé Demandé. We are talking about a large Easter egg that is delivered by ISIS as a specialist in hollow chocolate products by ISIS and assorted with the tasty chocolates of Caluwé Demandé. ISIS managed to charm a UK retailer with the result of this unique collaboration and that led to an important order.

ISIS and Caluwé Demandé deliver the chocolate products and H.Essers provides the assortment and packaging of this product. H.Essers also ensures that all products are delivered right on time in the UK.

Tasting this Easter egg is only possible in the UK. Let’s all go there!