Launch joint corridor Netherlands – Poland

Launch joint corridor Netherlands – Poland

Samsung SDS, together with logistics service providers H.Essers and GVT, makes a breakthrough in the distribution of goods between North Brabant and Poland. Thanks to the development of a joint rail and road corridor, a reduction of 80% of road transport between Brabant and Poland is achieved, including economic and social benefits. The initiative was developed with independent support from NewWays Brabant and the action program Lean & Green Off-Road of the Logistics Topsector, run by Connekt. The announcement was made on September 28 at the 2017 Railroad Congress in Tiel.

The benefits
Bundling of goods and smart use of other modalities – a principle known as synchromodal transport in logistics – brings many advantages.

“Samsung SDS has the ambition to develop international corridors in order to make our product as accessible as possible. And we think we can achieve that by working together.” – Robert van Beurden, Transport manager Samsung SDS

Important for the companies involved is the perfect availability of products and a unique collaboration scale with new opportunities, so other companies can join too. “We can offer our customers a much better service because our production of Friday and Saturday already arrives at the railport in Tilburg on Sunday, and can be delivered in the Benelux on Monday.”– Roland Verbraak, General Manager, GVT

At the same time, the companies involved take responsibility for a viable and accessible environment, by saving 5,500 tonnes of CO₂ and achieving a reduction of 3.8 million kilometers, of which 400,000 in Dutch territory.

“This corridor offers several advantages: speed to market, we deal with the problems surrounding drivers shortages and, of course, a significant CO2 reduction.” – Maarten Möller, Head of Business Development, H.Essers

Next month, a second train will follow, and a third and later this year. This allows the savings to be multiplied.

weConnekt app
The tool that Lean & Green Off-Road uses to speed up collaboration is the weConnekt app: a logistics matching app. Transporters and carriers can instantly enter volumes. This accelerates the matching between shippers and carriers for the development and upgrading of common freight corridors.
Interested shippers and carriers are invited to connect easily and quickly. Please contact NewWays North Brabant.

Lean & Green Off-Road: Make a difference together
Lean & Green Off-Road aims at a regional approach for shippers and transporters to scale up synchromodal transport both nationally and internationally. The action program creates space on the roads for a better flow of passenger traffic and domestic road transport, in line with the objective of the Connekt program Lean & Green. Lean & Green Off-Road is active on a national level and has already entered into cooperation agreements in six regions: in Zeeland via the neutral logistics platform Zeeland Connect; in Brabant, Drenthe, North Brabant, Gelderland and South Holland via the NewWays platform and in Limburg LIOF is the facilitator. Through the national network at the end of 2017, all shippers and carriers in the Netherlands can choose joint-corridor off-road development quickly and easily. From each region, they jointly make a difference in availability, scalability, viability and world-class accessibility.

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