Is your logistics chain ready for Brexit?

Is your logistics chain ready for Brexit?

The deadline for a Brexit deal is fast approaching. But how will the actual Brexit affect European and British companies? Unfortunately, we are still in the dark about this. In order to be able to react quickly, H.Essers has an expert team that will closely monitor the operational and financial impact of Brexit on your supply chain. Solution Design Engineer Dimitri Verhemeldonck looks ahead.

What impact will Brexit have?

“Although we do not yet know this for sure, we can expect the impact to be strong and logistics activities to be disrupted. This will manifest itself, for example, in possible delays and longer queues at the border crossings. Changes will also be implemented in the area of finance: increased import duties and customs duties, for example.”

Can you prepare for this?
“The way companies deal with these disruptions can certainly make a difference. Despite the fact that negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom have not yet been completed, making it difficult to prepare adequately, we have an expert team in place that is focusing on solutions to possible Brexit consequences. In this way, once the definitive changes are known, we can adapt quickly and ensure the continuity of our customers’ activities. We do this, among other things, by drawing up Business Continuity Plans. We are also looking for commercial opportunities to support our customers in the best possible way in this new situation.”

How can we help you?

“As a seasoned logistics service provider, H.Essers has built up extensive experience in customs activities. After Brexit, this experience can offer solutions for additional services, such as the preparation of customer-specific storage proposals. Depending on the situation and demand, local as well as regional distribution centres can be used – in Europe as well as the United Kingdom.”

Do you have any questions about the impact of Brexit and our supply chain solutions? Contact Solution Design Engineer Dimitri Verhemeldonck.


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