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As an asset-based company, we are the owner of all our warehouses. This enables us to adapt our warehouses quickly, not only to meet current local safety and product demands, but also to satisfy the specific needs of our clients.

H.Essers chemical warehouses are located in Belgium, Denmark and Romania, totalling in excess of 380,000 m² of SEVESO standard warehouses. H.Essers is authorised to store the various classes of hazardous goods, with the exception of explosive substances and pressurised gases.

All our dangerous goods warehouses are fitted with state-of-the-art technical equipment, in accordance with the very strict legislation in the sector:

  • Sprinkler systems and foam extinguishers
  • Spill tanks
  • Smoke detectors
  • Multiple alarm sensors
  • Temperature control
  • Various modules with independent compartments
  • Badge-controlled

Moreover, all our sites are AEO certified.

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