H.Essers welcomes Stijn Bijnens to board of directors

H.Essers welcomes Stijn Bijnens to board of directors

Stijn Bijnens, who was general manager of investment company LRM (Limburgse Reconversiemaatschappij) until recently and is currently CEO of IT Group Cegeka, has joined the board of directors of logistics service provider H.Essers effective today. “Stijn is truly the right man in the right place,” says Hilde Essers, chair of the H.Essers board of directors. “In the coming years, there are many crucial innovation and digitisation projects in the pipeline that will allow us to further expand our strategic segments. With his extensive experience, he represents true added value for our board of directors.”

Stijn Bijnens is certainly no stranger to the economic landscape. Under his leadership, LRM became one of the most important economic players in the Province of Limburg. Projects such as Corda Campus, GreenVille and DronePort came about thanks to him. Invariably, he was praised for his sense of innovation and his visionary attitude. At the beginning of this year, he exchanged LRM for IT Group Cegeka, and is now joining the board of directors of H.Essers where he will replace Luc Cardinaels. H.Essers would like to thank Luc Cardinaels for his valuable contribution for the last 14 years.

Continuing pioneering role

“We will be rolling out many innovative projects in the coming years, both nationally and internationally, to optimise our services and further expand our strategic segments of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and high-value logistics,” says Hilde Essers. “In Genk, we are developing our trimodal site Dry Port Genk, we are starting construction of our new head office, and much more. And we are constantly developing opportunities both nationally and internationally to further expand our synchromodal approach. By combining road, rail and water transport in an intelligent and dynamic way, we are able to simultaneously optimise the impact on the environment, the transit time and the cost price for customers. Synchromodality is a real game changer for our sector and for our company. Thanks to advanced systems, we can guarantee continuous monitoring and optimisation of the logistics process. Our present solutions already allow us to make the difference today for our customers, but our aim is to continue to play a pioneering role in this industry in the future. Thanks to his extensive know-how and feeling for innovation, Stijn Bijnens is a true asset to our board of directors.”

“Before I started working at LRM, I ran my own IT company,” says Stijn Bijnens. “With my new position at Cegeka, I am returning to my roots somewhat. It is a great honour to be able to use this experience for a company such as H.Essers. The company has always been a step ahead in terms of innovation and digitisation. It is fascinating to be able to contribute to this family business and help realise its growth ambitions. I look forward to an inspiring collaboration.”

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