H.Essers strengthens Genk with own rail terminal and additional investments

H.Essers strengthens Genk with own rail terminal and additional investments

Standing still is going backwards. This is why we have ambitious plans for the further development of our sites in Genk. We will have our own secure rail terminal close to the head office: H.Essers Railport Genk. The sites will form a European hub for road, water and rail freight transport: H.Essers Valley. These investments fit in with our strong international growth in the logistics of chemical, pharmaceutical and high-value goods. At the same time, they confirm that the company’s roots will remain firmly in Limburg in the future. The plan will be executed in several phases.

ETG terminal becomes H.Essers Railport Genk

With the first direct connection between Genk and Triëste, we already took a major step earlier this month in the expansion of our synchromodality network.

The process does not end there, though. We are also taking over the ETG rail terminal near our head office from Lineas and LRM. Our own rail terminal, H.Essers Railport Genk, will be secured and equipped to the highest standards applicable in our three strategic markets: chemical, pharmaceutical and high-value goods. “It is a perfect supplement to our synchromodal network,” says Gert Bervoets. “In the future, we will further develop our rail connections to Antwerp, Ghent and Zeebrugge in cooperation with Lineas. In this way we will optimize our connection with the port cities.”

H.Essers establishes its roots through further expansion
In 2020, the European cross dock will move from the Transportlaan to the former Hörmann-site along the Woudstraat. This move means the pharmaceutical warehousing on the Transportlaan can also be expanded. The new developments in warehousing, transport and IT are also creating more job opportunities.

Last year, we already took another important step with the construction of H.Essers Dry Port Genk on the former Ford site along the Albert Canal. The first 32,000 m² of storage space for chemical goods are fully operational now. A new head office will be built on the current site on the Transportlaan, which will be operational in 2020. More than ever, this new head office will be the decision-making centre for our international expansion.

H.Essers Valley is the strategic response to the company’s growth over the past years. “We are far past the point that we were just a road haulier, but our master plan will significantly increase our lead as a synchromodal logistics service provider. Today, already 41% of our current fleet can be used in a synchromodal way. At the same time, H.Essers’ plan provides a new impulse for the Flemish logistics sector. Something to be proud of!”

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