H.Essers takes the lead in secured synchromodal transport

H.Essers takes the lead in secured synchromodal transport

At H.Essers, we are increasingly investing in synchromodal solutions and combining different transport modes. “Which is why we decided to take the lead in secured synchromodal transport,” says Ron Van Holland.

“At H.Essers, a working group carefully examined which safety conditions we would have to meet to safely deliver goods over a synchromodal route. To do this, we mainly worked on the intervention of rail connections and the security of terminals by installing fences and cameras and implementing specific processes. Our safeboxes, containers that we specially designed for the further expansion of our intermodal solutions, are also an essential part of safe transport by rail. These containers are equipped with the most advanced and innovative security, with an electronic lock that is controlled remotely. All of our rail connections, such as those to Poland and Romania, currently meet the developed requirements.”

The seed has been planted

“Today we are able to offer our customers the necessary guarantees that their goods will be transported in the safest conditions. It is our wish that others in this sector would also implement this standard.”

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