H.Essers Romania is building and growing rapidly

H.Essers Romania is building and growing rapidly

Our activities in Romania are growing at a fast pace. And you may take that literally. At our Oradea site alone, thousands of square metres of office and storage space will be added in the coming months. We are currently building a production plant of 6,000 m² and 2,000 m² of office space. And we get an additional 7,000 m² of parking space for our trailers and trucks. The reason why H.Essers plays a pioneering role in this field today is explained by Jeroen Fabry, Business Unit Manager for H.Essers in Romania.

Jeroen Fabry was 23 when Noël Essers asked him 12 years ago if he was up for a challenge abroad. And he was. Today he is Business Unit Manager for H.Essers Romania, which now has 932 employees, 316 trucks, 43,000 square metres of warehousing space in Bucharest and 46,000 square metres of warehousing space in Oradea.


“Up until five years ago there were no Seveso* warehouses, which forced companies to store their high-risk products in regular warehouses. By responding to that gap, we are meeting the demand of many of our customers, especially from the agricultural and chemical industries. Meanwhile, we have multiple high-Seveso sites in Romania. H.Essers is one of the few players who can offer these sites. So you could say that we have determined the height of the bar. And that is very high: We do not compromise in terms of safety, goods and people.”

Huge potential

“Thanks to our investments in this segment, we are now an interesting partner for multinationals that want to store their dangerous goods under guaranteed safe conditions. Over five years, we have built some 20,000 square metres of warehousing space for our customers in the chemical sector. But the potential is much greater, because there are still many chemical products stored in regular warehouses.”

* The name Seveso is not an abbreviation. It comes from the eponymous Italian town of Seveso, where a chemical disaster took place in 1976. The disaster led to the development of a European directive known as the Seveso Directive.

Would you like more information about our services and infrastructure in Eastern Europe? Jeroen Fabry will gladly help you: jeroen.fabry@essers.com.

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