H.Essers joins pharma agent network

H.Essers joins pharma agent network

As a logistics service provider, we fulfil our role as supply chain solutions architect every day. Depending on the product to be transported and the customer’s specific wishes, we customise these solutions to serve our customers worldwide and from door to door. “To focus even more on these last two aspects, we recently joined two agent networks, one specific for the pharma segment” explains Wim Gijbels, Freight Forwarding Manager.

Suppose that a Belgian company wants to send goods from door to door to a location in New York. “We will happily take care of this for our customer,” says Wim Gijbels. “To do this, you need the support of a local player in New York who knows the market there, and has knowledge of the permits, formalities and qualifications needed there. And we like to work with partners who share the same quality standards and values. Joining an agent network offers many advantages in that respect. All members are subject to thorough screening before they can join. This guarantees that you work with reliable and experienced partners in the country of destination or origin.”

For pharmaceutical customers too

“We thought long and hard before joining an agent network. It involved detailed analysis, and in the end we decided on the Combined Logistics Network (CLN) and the Life Logistics Network (LLN). For now, H.Essers is the only Belgian member of both networks. “These networks are a perfect match for our DNA, philosophy and quality standards and also guarantee broad worldwide coverage.”

“CLN was established about 17 years ago and has 300 independent forwarders in all of our strategic countries. To also meet the specialised needs of our pharmaceutical customers, such as temperature-controlled transport, we joined the Life Logistics Network, a sister network of CLN. The affiliated members have at least 5 pharmaceutical customers, are GMP certified and can guarantee cold chain transport.”

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