H.Essers invests heavily in a sustainable, synchromodal future

H.Essers invests heavily in a sustainable, synchromodal future

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Increasingly more customers opt for footprint-neutral transport regarding CO2. Multimodal solutions meet this. Synchromodality (hyperlink to paper), however, goes further. “By combining road, rail and water transport in an intelligent and dynamic way, we can simultaneously optimise the impact on the environment, the duration, and the cost price for the customers,” explains Strategic Development Director Hanno Reeser. “The train route to China that we established in 2017 is a good example of our ongoing search for new synchromodal solutions.” The synchromodal routes that we work out for our customers are always based on the predetermined duration, so they maximally meet your needs, and those for a sustainable future. You can also check out the effect of our synchromodal solutions for your ecological footprint yourself with our convenient CO2 calculator.

Do you want to know why synchromodality is a real game changer in the logistics sector? And how it will fundamentally change the traditional tendering procedures? Then be sure to download our expert paper and discover what synchromodal solutions can do for your company.

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