H.Essers invests in growth and innovation with a major upgrade of the Wilrijk site

H.Essers invests in growth and innovation with a major upgrade of the Wilrijk site

In view of H.Essers’ investments and the unwavering innovation of our strategic segments, the site in Wilrijk is currently the scene of a substantial upgrade. After the delivery of a brand-new warehouse for highly flammable goods and the introduction of a unique filling installation for fine chemicals earlier this year, the site is now being expanded with a tank terminal. In addition, another warehouse with a surface of no less than 15,000 m² will be delivered in January 2018. This upgrade is not only in the interests of H.Essers’ further growth, it also provides a solution to a problem that is currently tormenting the construction industry: a growing shortage of insulation panels.

A solution to a pressing problem in the construction industry
The shortage of insulating materials, especially PUR and PIR insulation panels, is becoming increasingly problematic for builders and contractors. The cause of this scarcity can be found in the delivery of MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate), the main component of these types of insulation panels, or rather the lack thereof, because for several reasons, the worldwide production and distribution of MDI is currently down to a minimum. The upgrade of the Wilrijk site enables H.Essers to help solve this problem.

We are currently in the progress of setting up a continuous flow of MDI from Saudi Arabia to Belgium. From July 2017 onwards, 150 containers with this material will be delivered to our site in Wilrijk every month. MDI delivered in barrels will be stored directly in our warehouse, and the rest will first be processed at our filling installation. In order to do so, our state-of-the-art completely sealed-off tank terminal will provide room for bringing 100 containers to the right temperature starting in November, because MDI is a viscous product that can be processed more easily when heated. Afterwards, the MDI is poured into barrels and stored in our warehouse. From our site in Wilrijk, which also acts as European distribution centre, the MDI will subsequently be delivered to the manufacturers of the insulation plates, and the construction companies will be able to breathe easier.

One stop shop
By means of these investments, H.Essers offers its customers in the chemical industry a one stop shop solution at the Wilrijk site, because warehouses, transportation, customs, forwarding, filling activities, and the tank terminal will all be there on one single site.

If you have any questions with regard to this upgrade, feel free to contact Joris Mertens, joris.mertens@essers.com.