H.Essers goes to Germany

H.Essers goes to Germany

The need to continue promoting our growth scenario resulted in founding a legal entity so that we can also set up transport and logistics operations in Germany.

We chose Frankfurt as the location of our head office, firstly for the existing air-cargo operations at its airport, and secondly in view of the presence of customers in the same region.

From the first quarter of 2015 we will be starting our own H.Essers transport company under German licence, and will set up logistics projects, on-site as well as in the form of outsourced operations within Germany’s borders.

With the founding of this German GmbH and the growth of new transport and logistics operations, we are continuing our European expansion. Moreover, this will create job opportunities for 75 to 100 new staff.

Contact Sara Geris – sara.geris@essers.com