H.Essers goes off-site for Nike

H.Essers goes off-site for Nike

The MBS Beringen site has a 25,000 m² multifunctional hall and with the three on-site wind turbines it is fully CO2 neutral. The roof is also covered with solar panels. Work to fit out the site in Beringen is in full swing. The MBS production hall will be transformed into a logistics hall within a few weeks.

H.Essers will provide off-site storage of Nike sports articles at the site, which will entail a volume of 14 containers a day, or more than 20 million pairs of shoes a year. After sorting, the goods will be stored in boxes or palletised in the warehouse and then delivered by shuttle to Nike in Laakdal. H.Essers will employ 40 people in this new warehouse.

Gert Bervoets, CEO at H.Essers: ‘H.Essers already collaborates with Nike for international transport and is seeking to secure joint strategic growth with this off-site storage facility.’

A modern site belonging to the Machiels Group in Beringen was chosen as a suitable location, meeting all requirements for high-quality, safe warehousing and situated close to the Nike EDC.

For more information, please contact Carlo Theunissen, via cath@essers.com