H.Essers, Godiva and Entiris celebrate 20 years of successful partnership

H.Essers, Godiva and Entiris celebrate 20 years of successful partnership

This year, it will be exactly twenty years since H.Essers started the logistics organisation for Godiva chocolates. What once began with 5 employees in a 500m2 warehouse has grown into an operation of 120 employees processing millions of chocolates daily in a 12,000m² area. Storing, assembling and packaging chocolate boxes and the subsequent organisation of the logistics process for more than 100 countries is the result of a successful partnership.

“In all those years, our partnership has evolved immensely,” Operations Manager Ronny Heremans explains. ‘What started as a purely logistic story has grown into an all-in logistics solution for the chocolate industry. Every day, no fewer than 25,000 gift boxes are packaged, labelled and shipped here to over 100 countries. That is no easy feat, because the legal requirements concerning food differ from country to country. So the bar is extremely high when it comes to food safety and quality. Thanks to our various certificates, including BRC, IFS, HACCP and ISO, we are more than able to meet these demanding requirements.’

A one-in-a-million partnership

To ensure that production, packaging and transport flow seamlessly, H.Essers invested EUR 1.6 million in a high-performance Warehouse Management System (WMS). What’s more, this system is linked to Godiva’s ERP system. The WMS also manages the labelling process: the labels are produced automatically based on the specific requirements of the country of destination. This enabled Godiva to introduce ‘late differentiation’ and resulted in the chocolatier being able to respond more quickly to demand in different countries. A great example of this is the souvenir box, where the contents are always the same but the outer packaging can be changed per country.

CEO of Godiva, Clyde Morgan praised the collaboration with H.Essers and sheltered workshop Entiris, which together with 120 employees is responsible for assembling, packaging and labelling the products. “It’s a one-in-a-million partnership,” he said at the 20th anniversary event on 6 September.

To mark this special occasion, we designed limited edition anniversary packaging together that fits in nicely with ‘late product differentiation’.

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