H.Essers conquers the Port of Antwerp Triathlon

H.Essers conquers the Port of Antwerp Triathlon

For several months we have been encouraging our employees to exercise more and eat healthier through the Fit2Grow health programme. We do this through fun challenges, ranging from walking more to drinking a bit less alcohol. But the biggest challenge this year? That was undoubtedly the Port of Antwerp ‘Quarter’ and ‘Fit & Fun’ Triathlon! More than 100 employees prepared intensively and embarked on this sporting adventure.

To ready themselves, our employees closely followed an individual training programme for months. In addition, we regularly organised group training sessions for the different parts of the triathlon. In the end this turned out to be an excellent boost to team building as well.

And then it was time: on 23 June the athletes and supporters of H.Essers gathered in the Felix Pakhuis in Antwerp. After putting on their wetsuits, our colleagues filled up with the necessary energy. The starting signal sounded at 8:40 am! The swimmers then dived from the historical city docks to swim 1 km (1/4 Triathlon) or 350 metres (Fit & Fun Triathlon). In the meantime, the bicycles were prepared for a journey of 40 km or 15 km respectively. The home stretch was the most difficult: the triathlon ended with a running distance of 10 or 5 km respectively. But in the end, the more than 100 H.Essers participants all crossed the finish line and were met with cheerful applause inside the Felix Pakhuis. Time to relax and toast a great (team) effort!

Amber Pellens, Fit2Grow project manager, was present the entire time in support or her colleagues. “It was heartening to see that so many employees had signed up, and how they were cheered on by their colleagues,” she says. “One of our foreign drivers even traveled to Belgium, just to participate. This clearly shows what a success Fit2Grow is: it not only promotes more exercise, but also provides a real boost to our team spirit.”

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