H.Essers and Akzo Nobel extend collaboration into Argentina

H.Essers and Akzo Nobel extend collaboration into Argentina

In 2016, H.Essers branched out into South America, specifically Argentina. We acquired a stake in Argentinian family business Tradelog. Initially, this logistics player specialised mainly in the transport of FMCG products and raw materials. Under the guidance of H.Essers, Tradelog is becoming a real specialist in the transportation of pharma and chemical goods. And that comes in very handy for our customer Akzo Nobel, who is one of the first to call on us for the transport of its chemical products in this region.

“Tradelog has around 20 sites in Argentina, about 62,000m2 of warehouse space and 512 transport units, and employs 485 people,” Lieven Severijns, Business Unit Manager International Expansion explains. “So our stake in the company offered us great opportunities to extend our services further and improve quality, including in the fields of chemical and pharma products. The latter is certainly unique, because most warehouses in Argentina are not equipped for this.”

“We implemented the strict compliance requirements we follow in Europe also in a few Argentinian regions,” Cinthia Batista, Operations Support International Expansion adds. “That makes us hugely attractive to big chemical and pharma players in particular. Akzo Nobel, for instance, a multinational specialist manufacturer of paints and coatings with whom we have collaborated for years in Europe, now also uses our services in Argentina.”

“Today, we are collecting goods for Akzo Nobel in Garin (Buenos Aires) and transporting them to our various cross-docks. They are then sorted before we transport them to the end customer.”

Sedronar licence

“In addition, we have obtained a so-called Sedronar licence, a licence needed to be allowed to transport certain products such as alcohol, acetone, hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid by road. In other words, we are fully equipped to help our customers with their logistics needs safely and with extreme attention to detail. In the short term, we are expanding our services which currently already reach Bolivia and Chile from Argentina, to Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.”

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