H.Essentials 17

H.Essentials 17

Dear reader,

Empty shelves, deserted city centres, schools closed … On March 14 we woke up in a different world: the world of Covid-19. As entrepreneurs, logistics service providers and facilitators, we all instinctively felt that we should make sure not to be paralysed by the situation, but that, more than ever, we should take responsibility. We were heading towards a lockdown, the spread of the virus was yet to peak. But one thing was certain: H.Essers would go on with all the planned activities and serve customers as would be expected from us.

Because our customers are counting on our services, especially now. As a result, volumes increased in the pharmaceutical and chemicals segment, despite the fact that there was a decline in the number of available employees. At the same time, we especially want to be able to offer a safe workplace to those employees who give it their best, day after day. That is why we decided, both internally and with our partners, to communicate clearly and resolutely about the measures in the workplace and to embrace these changes together.

The coronavirus also brought us unique challenges. What about our international transports to the most affected areas, such as Northern Italy? Each country indeed had its own problems and different regulations. Nevertheless, our services in those regions, including for our customers in Monselice, were not interrupted, albeit under the strictest safety measures. Thanks to civil protection at a local level, but above all thanks to the staff and drivers who have been so flexible. Despite the uncertainty of it all, they never gave up. And we are genuinely grateful for that.

What will the future bring? This virus will not disappear overnight, that’s for sure. In the coming months we will have to live and work with this new reality. And this new reality will also bring new opportunities. Customers will increasingly need alternative synchromodal transport solutions, especially in the pharmaceutical segment. Digitisation is also an important development which allows us to actively respond to the challenges of the corona era. Whatever happens, H.Essers is prepared.

Above all, we want to be there for our employees at this time. Because right now, what matters most is that we are one family! I am grateful for your dedication, and we will fight this battle together.

Kindest regards and wishing you good health,

Gert Bervoets
CEO, H.Essers