Expert paper: Facing scarce transport capacity

Expert paper: Facing scarce transport capacity

The logistics and transport sector is facing a worldwide scarcity of drivers. This means that there are not always enough truck drivers available to handle the number of transports to be carried out.

This shortage of drivers is bigger than ever. And the problem is expected to worsen as the population ages. The impact on companies therefore cannot be underestimated. Transport prices are increasing, delivery times are lengthening and good employees are becoming scarcer, according to a report by Philippe Van Dooren.

By taking specific actions in the coming years, companies can prepare as best they can for these possible shortages. The report offers tips for European companies and logistics service providers to deal with this capacity problem in the best possible way in both the long and short term.

What is H.Essers doing to address this general shortage? Firstly, we are working hard on our employer brand. We want to be an attractive employer for our current and future drivers. Thanks to constant innovation within our departments and upgrades to our sites, we are making our locations a more attractive place to work.  Moreover, we offer our drivers maximum convenience in their jobs by constantly investing in state-of-the-art trucks. Secondly, we are focussing on alternative transport modes via water and rail. With our multimodal networks we have taken a major step towards safer, greener and more efficient transport throughout Europe. Alternative transport methods have now been fully incorporated into our daily schedules, and with our recently renewed compliancy certificates, cross-border transport is becoming a lot easier and faster.

Needless to say, we are looking to the future with confidence!

Curious to learn more? Download the expert paper here.