Connectivity at the heart of the second edition of ‘Challenges in Chemical Logistics’

Connectivity at the heart of the second edition of ‘Challenges in Chemical Logistics’

On the 25th of June, H.Essers welcomed logistics managers from leading chemical manufacturers to the second edition of 'Challenges in Chemical Logistics', an inspiring annual information and networking event. This year, the focus lay on connectivity between the seaports and the hinterland.

The event took place in the trimodal facilities of H.Essers Dry Port Genk. The location was not chosen by chance: inland distribution centres can play an important role in better and more efficient international supply chains. They provide an answer to various logistical challenges faced by chemical companies, such as sustainability, rapidly changing customer expectations, reliable supply chains, strict licensing requirements or the increasing congestion in Northwest Europe.

Multimodality and synchromodality in particular - a concept in which H.Essers plays a pioneering role – offer excellent opportunities to take up the challenges, as demonstrated by the presentations given by the various speakers. EY Parthenon experts Otto Schulz and Marc Herlant, Marc Beerlandt (MSC Belgium), Philippe Beaujean (Port of Antwerp), Pablo Nosti (DuPont), Gerhard Blaess (Axalta) and Hanno Reeser (H.Essers) each outlined their vision from their own specific angle..

Following the presentations, the guests were given a guided tour of H.Essers Dry Port Genk and had the opportunity to visit the brand new Seveso warehouse for chemical products. They were introduced to the latest safety and temperature equipment and treated to a unique audio-visual experience of chemical logistics.

During the distinctly summery networking part of the event, the participants were able to discuss the insights provided and enjoy a pleasant chat about the fascinating and inspiring presentations.

Would you like to learn more about synchromodality? Read our white paper here.

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