Be-Mobile and H.Essers working together on an innovative planning system

Be-Mobile and H.Essers working together on an innovative planning system

In order for the many transports between the different H.Essers distribution centres in Europe to run smoothly and on time, it is important that drivers and planners are aware of traffic conditions. For this reason, H.Essers and technology company Be-Mobile are working together on solutions to avoid structural traffic jams and delays. “Based on the data analysed by Be-Mobile, we were able to deduce the best route for a specific day,” says Erwin Kelchtermans, Business Analyst at H.Essers. “In this way we see exactly at what time a transport can best depart and how long the journey will take.” The result? More efficient transport, less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as better use of time and improved scheduling of personnel.

Adapted to logistics

Be-Mobile performs measurements and route calculations on everything that has to do with mobility, traffic jams and intermodal traffic. For example, the company is known for its successful app Flitsmeister, a real-time traffic information system that is used by as many as 1.5 million people in the Netherlands. In the meantime, Be-Mobile has expanded its services to logistics, which is how the collaboration with H.Essers came about. “The traffic information that we distribute does not work the same for a truck as for a passenger car,” says Gerd Nees, Director Strategy & International Business at Be-Mobile. “Which is why we carried out a special analysis for H.Essers that can make routing a lot easier and faster.”

The analysis was based on data from 62 trucks and their routes. The most-visited loading and unloading locations were then classified per region. “The challenge is making routes and traffic jams visible in a dynamic and up-to-date way,” says Erwin Kelchtermans. “At this point, many choices are being made on the basis of experience, and while that can often be effective, we were also convinced that it would be even better if we could gain access to the exact data.  The analysis of Be-Mobile now gives us a calculation per day, per route and per time slot based on actual route and traffic data.” This leads to more effective decisions in practice. For example, based on the analysis, the H.Essers dispatch centre could contact a customer and request a different time slot for loading or unloading. This saves the driver either a long wait or a stressful hurry, and enables us to guarantee optimum timing to our customers.

Future plans

If it’s up to Be-Mobile and H.Essers, the collaboration doesn’t end with this extensive analysis. “We want to continue our cooperation in the future and continue development,” says Gerd Nees. Erwin Kelchtermans agrees: “This initial collaboration has resulted in an analysis, but based on this, practical solutions could be developed at a later stage.” In other words, there is a lot of scope for useful collaboration that will benefit all. We look forward to telling you more about this in the future!

The following case provides insights into the transport of our customer in Ghent to our site in Genk on a Monday.
The 2 most popular routes passed through Brussels and Antwerp. Depending on the chosen departure time, there are clear differences in the travel time.

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