“Automation helps us to keep the costs under control.”

“Automation helps us to keep the costs under control.”

An efficient and reliable logistics process is one of the factors that help to keep a large company like Proximus competitive. “Therefore, the expertise of a seasoned logistics service provider such as H.Essers provides great added value,” says Hans Schurmans, Director, Logistics Operations at Proximus. “Constant vigilance for opportunities to optimise our warehousing, makes our distribution processes even more flexible, and proactively meets the needs of our customers: With H.Essers, we gain so much more than a logistics partner.”

“Those who order a new device in the evening find that it is almost natural that it will be delivered the next day,” says Hans Schurmans. “Customers are becoming increasingly more demanding, so they require us to change gears too. With H.Essers we have a logistics partner who, fortunately, never shies away from any challenge, but uses every opportunity to refine its logistic services.”

“In our collaboration, a lot of attention is paid to automation,” Business Unit Manager Collin Springuel explains. “Automation helps us to keep the costs under control. For one of the most recent automation projects, we worked out a complete blueprint in three months. To subsequently develop it in half a year and implement it two months later. And this includes a significant expansion of the ‘picking loop’ (editor’s note: picking & packaging lines), quality control through automatic weighing of the packages, new packaging machines etc.”

“Thanks to these interventions, we are now able to deliver orders to the customer until 22h00, and this completely free of charge. This means we are doing even better than a few large, well-known webshops,” says Hans Schurmans. “Day and night, weekdays and weekends, we can shift gears quickly and ensure that an order, from a small SIM card to a part of an antenna, is ready for delivery within two hours,” says Collin Springuel.

But it does not end there, of course. “We recently performed the first tests with drones for counting stock,” says Collin. “A method that would enable you to check the stock in our warehouse from anywhere. This means our cooperation will undoubtedly be continued.”

Wondering how an efficient logistics process can help you further? Please contact Business Unit Manager Collin Springuel: collin.springuel@essers.com.

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