Advice and guidelines for our employees

Advice and guidelines for our employees


Our business value ‘Care’ is central. That is why we make every effort to ensure the safety of our employees as well as possible. Government advice and measures are an absolute minimum in this respect. As a company, we also take additional measures.


  1. Take extra care for your personal hygiene
  • Don’t exchange physical pleasantries: give hand, kiss, embrace.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer. Do this at least before and after eating, after every visit to the toilet, after every visit outside your regular workplace, after receiving or exchanging items, or whenever you consider it appropriate.
  • If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with the elbow or with a paper handkerchief that you throw away immediately, wash your hands.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth and nose. After all, most viruses infect through this route.
  • Where possible, avoid touching hands at contact points such as doors and turnstiles.
  • Avoid any close contact (< 1.5 to 2 meters) with people who show external symptoms of disease (frequent coughing and sneezing).
  1. Our company provides extra cleaning and hygiene measures
  • Paying extra attention to the cleaning of sanitary areas, dining rooms and changing rooms.
  • Regular cleaning of contact points such as computer mice, keyboards, telephones, light switches, …
  • Providing (hand) disinfectants (alcohol gel and hygienic wipes) in toilets and rooms where many people come (together). Also for drivers and warehouse workers these means are made available.
  1. What to do in case of illness or symptoms?
    Employees with a fever or who feel feverish (more than 37.3°C) stay at home or go home and contact the doctor. The manager follows this up closely.
  2. What do we expect from our employees if they have been on a business trip or on holiday abroad?

When returning from a region where the Corona virus is spreading, our employees should check themselves for symptoms for 14 days and measure the temperature twice a day. They follow the above mentioned instructions ‘what to do in case of illness or disease symptoms? In case of doubt about contamination with the Coronavirus, the manager is informed immediately and the doctor is contacted.

  1. What measures do we take for visitors to our sites?

Every visitor to our site must follow the ‘H.Essers Corona virus instructions’. This means that he or she complies with the personal hygiene instructions and in case of illness or disease symptoms (elevated temperature from 37.3°C) does not enter our site in good conscience. Every visitor will be informed about this via a link in the outlook invitation and via a document at the porter’s desk or at the reception desk.


  1. Physical meetings are allowed if deemed necessary.
    To limit the risk, meetings with external parties are held via conference call as much as possible.
    Physical meetings on a H.Essers site or on location are allowed if deemed necessary and on condition that the social distancing conditions are respected.
  1. Spreading lunch breaks in small groups

Lunch breaks for white-collar and blue-collar workers are staggered. Again, small groups of maximum 10 people are asked to have lunch. In addition to the canteen, office environments can also be an alternative during this exceptional period. Umami will temporarily close its doors from Friday 20 March.

  1. Training is postponed

Planned internal and external training courses with more than ten people are currently cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date.

  1. Working from home when possible

All employees whose position allows it, work at home to the maximum after coordination with the manager. Managers within the operations are present on the work floor as much as possible. Extra laptops and tokens are provided.

  1. Right to childcare
    The government has established regulations on childcare. This is only possible for parents, who are employed in the essential sectors. It is possible that the school or crèche will ask for proof of this.
  1. No new professional travel plans for white-collar workers, do not carry out existing ones.

No more travelling for professional purposes. Movements to other sites in the same country are permitted, but to a limited extent.

  1. Establishment of a security zone at open counters

In order to limit close contact with large groups of employees as much as possible, a safe distance should be maintained at each desk. Where possible, a zone of 1.5 metres is visually demarcated for this purpose. On top of the safety zone, all open counters will be equipped with a mudguard.

  1. Additional hygiene measures for drivers and warehouse workers

All drivers are provided with Dettol sprays and paper wipes to decontaminate their vehicles. Dettol bottles are also distributed per hall section for the warehouse workers.
Trucks arriving in Poland, Bulgaria or Romania are fully disinfected before they are handed over.

  1. Distance and hygiene rule

Apply the distance and hygiene rule from 1.5 meters. In order to respect this rule, our activities will be organized in an adapted way where necessary.

  1. Procedure in case of contamination

In case an employee is infected with the Corona virus, he stays at home as long as the doctor prescribes it. Employees working at the workplace in question take responsibility for monitoring their own fever twice a day for a period of two weeks. In case of fever (+37.3°C), the employee stays at home and contacts the doctor.