In terms of security, H.Essers can provide the perfect solution, ranging from skilled and well-trained staff to tight security of sites, buildings, lorries and trailers.

H.Essers attaches great importance to meeting and adhering to the necessary legislative requirements and standards. A logical consequence of this is attaining various certificates, such as:

  • AEO – Authorised Economic Operator
  • TAPA – Transported Asset Protection Association
  • Known Consignor

Security in the area of transport

H.Essers is the market leader in Europe in providing so-called High Security solutions. Our fleet includes over 300 specially secured vehicles.
Our dedicated and specially trained staff ensure that your high value goods arrive safely at their destination, whether by road or by rail.

From traditional container locks to GSM/GPS tracking and from simple predetermined routing and stopovers to satellite navigation systems monitored by our own control tower, we provide various levels of security depending on the product and your specific requirements.

Exceptional Transport Assistance

Because of its construction, freight is becoming increasingly wider, higher, longer and heavier. In order to transport this freight on the road safely and in accordance with current standards, we have four escort vehicles in-house for accompanying our own freight and that of third parties. These vehicles are fitted with the latest communications equipment as well as statutory signalling facilities.

Security in the area of Warehousing

We strive to protect our sites, and the warehouses on these sites, against unauthorised access in order to prevent tampering with or theft of our clients’ goods.

In addition, H.Essers is capable of providing all its clients with a specific service or accommodating their specific needs, such as sealed units in a warehouse or converting an entire warehouse to their specific wishes. These modifications are possible because H.Essers owns all its warehouses and is therefore able to make adaptations necessary for a long-term collaboration with the client.

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