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Our future is
red and green

Transport and Sustainability do not always go hand in hand, but H.Essers is determined to make the environment a fixed value in their future. This is why we are constantly looking to improve our current Corporate Social Responsibility.

Based on the Sustainable Development Goals, we continuously invest in a sustainability program based upon three important topics: Climate Action through Fleet, Good Health and Well-being of Personnel and Renewable and Clean Energy.

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Climate Action through Fleet


by combining road, water and rail transportation, we optimize our impact on the environment. Using new routes, like the Genk-Trieste train connection, makes it possible to

switch transportation to water & railways 90%

If you want to know how synchromodal transport can lower the carbon footprint, find out with our CO2-calculator.

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Smart road transport
makes a difference

because our 1.320 trucks are equipped with efficient cruise control and a role function:

CO2-reduction 1.900 tons

per year, which is the equivalent of the emissions of 20 regular trucks. We are also investing in Liquid Natural Gas trucks to further reduce emissions. By combining transport in a smart way, we lower the amount of (empty) trucks on the road.

Keep it cool

our refrigerated trucks use green energy on sites and on provided parking spaces.

CO2-reduction 2.600 tons

per year

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Eco driving

H.Essers’ drivers get a Behavior Based Safety-training and lesson in Eco driving. Our monthly internal Health and Safety-newsletter also gives our employers extra tips and tricks to drive as ecological as possible.


gives an overall score on the efficiency and safety of the driving style of our drivers. Based on this score and a behavioral analysis, a driver receives a personalized training to improve eco-friendly and safe driving skills. Every driver has a mentor, who monitors his score on a regular basis and adjust his behavior if needed.

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Good Health and Well-being of Personnel

Get active with Fit2grow

a unique health program to help our

6.340 employees

achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. We organize fun monthly initiatives, for example a step elimination challenge, to encourage our employees to move more.

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Renewable and Clean Energy


Installment of our four windmills

energy produced 18.500 mWh

Installment of our four windmills which equals the energy consumption of 4.500 families.

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Solar panels

On different locations

energy produced 10.000 mWh

which is the same as the energy consumption of 2.500 families.

LED lights

Use of LED lights inside and outside the buildings

Reduction CO2-emissions 418 tons per year
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Natural gas HEating

Reduction CO2-emissions 290 tons per year

local green energy accounts

Reduction CO2-emissions 3.420 tons per year