2nd edition of the H.Essers Safety Day

2nd edition of the H.Essers Safety Day

On 5 October 2017, the 2nd edition of our Safety Day took place.

The participants included: H.Essers’ management, Business Unit Managers, Operations Managers, members of the Committee on Prevention and Protection at Work, and Prevention Advisors of the Logistics, Transport and Overhead departments.

We started with a recapitulation of the safety projects that resulted from last year’s Safety Day:

1)       Working on the safety culture within the company

2)       Developing a communication tool based on ‘gamification’ so that all of H.Essers’ employees can be reached in a simple and interactive way

3)       Working on traffic safety both inside and outside our terrains

By including three interesting guest speakers, the organisation of this edition ensured a varied programme.

Pablo Coosemans from Atrium taught us that organising training within a company is important, but that the added value of continuous coaching of the employees afterwards is much greater.

Toyota’s guest speaker, André Van Dael, told us that safety is a never-ending story.
After years of few occupational accidents in his working environment, the tide suddenly turned in 2016.
It his highly probable that this was due to major structural changes and the substantial influx of new employees.
This will be an important challenge for our organisation too, because of the continuous growth of the company.  Therefore, appropriate training and guidance are indispensable.

As last guest speaker of the day, Kristof Schockaert from MAN, our accredited purveyor, took the floor.
He explained how MAN works on the safety of vehicles, drivers, and fellow road users every single day.
We can conclude that technology is there to help mankind, but that human behaviour is still the determining factor.

As such, these speakers perfectly matched the steps we have taken with our external partner, The Human Link, who will examine what drives employees to work safely or not within our company.

The afternoon was seasoned with some interactive group exercises regarding safety priorities within H.Essers and the amount of time people actually invest in them. A second exercise concerned target behaviours.

The results of these exercises were presented per group. The following target behaviours emerged in each group:

1)       Pointing out (un)safe behaviour to each other in a positive way
2)       Setting good example behaviour
3)       Ensuring mobile phones are out of reach while driving

Thank you all for your constructive cooperation during this 2nd edition.
Let us take good care of our human capital by continuously working on a safer environment for each and every one of us!


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