Coronavirus emphasizes the importance of our rail connection to China

Coronavirus emphasizes the importance of our rail connection to China

Synchromodal solutions. A strong focus within H.Essers for quite some time. In addition to the classic possibility of road transport, we always look for synchromodal solutions. The Coronavirus immediately demonstrates that importance. Because we look beyond road transport and use multiple modes of transport , we succeed in our mission, despite COVID-2019: we make it transpossible.

Tripling of temperature-controlled rail transports to China 
For almost three years now, H.Essers has had a railway line with China to transport products for European pharmaceutical companies. Usually these are transported via passenger airplanes. However, the outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-2019 put this at risk. Deepsea is also not an option because of the expanded leadtimes, but rail transport is the perfect alternative. Which we offer via our in-house customized temperature-controlled 45-foot containers.

Hanno Reeser, Strategic Development Manager at H.Essers: “That’s why our frequency has tripled recently. And the expectation is of course that, during the period that the virus is growing, demand will only increase. But we are ready to answer that question.”

Railport Genk as an operating base for the whole of Europe
The medicines heading for China come from various European producers in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France and Germany. We then consolidate them in Genk to transport them by rail to China, including last mile and customs clearance. From our Railport Genk train terminal we serve the Chinese cities of Chongqing and Chengdu. Once the medicines arrive in China, the cargo is ready for the ride back. Usually these are parts for the automotive industry or electronics such as laptops.

More info about our synchromodal solutions? Watch our movie:

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