Railport services

Railport services

Rail terminal for increased flexibility

With the recently acquired rail terminal near our headquarters in Genk (Belgium), H.Essers is now able to offer you the option of transporting your goods to and from numerous logistic locations by train, directly from this European core hub. The railport is a great addition to the already extensive international transportation services H.Essers has been providing. Customers in the three strategic markets (chemicals, pharmaceuticals and high-value goods) are benefiting greatly from this additional one-stop-shop service. The terminal allows for secured rail transport, compliant with the highest safety standards applicable to these three market segments.

The train terminal facilitates direct express routes to major European economic hubs such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. These connections are the perfect gateways to further network expansion and, consequently, for intercontinental flows via seaports to and from the European hinterland. The rail connection from Genk to the Mediterranean seaport city of Trieste (Italy), for example, allows for direct shipments to Turkey. Such intermodal transportation networks offer customers the best solutions for greater transport efficiency and sustainability.

Sustainable, synchromodal transport

This sustainability is aided by the continuous development of our synchromodal systems to further improve transport flows. The H.Essers synchromodal network – which combines transport by road, rail and water – is optimised down to the smallest detail in order to meet growing customer demand. Reduced air pollution is one of those demands, together with smart route calculation and the transmission of advanced, real-time information. The inclusion of rail transport in H.Essers’ synchromodality solutions results in double digit reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions, while also contributing to solving the issue of increasing congestion on European roads.

Like to know more about our synchromodal networks? We’ve created an interactive information platform, discover it here.

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